Company Fax Numbers

Some companies have many employees sending email to fax and fax to email requests on a regular basis. Registering multiple employees for company fax numbers is simple. AirComUSA© will set up a secure website where company employees can register for a unique fax number, without having to run a gauntlet of paperwork.

Company Fax Numbers

Figure 17: First page in registering a new user for an AirComUSA company fax numbers.

When an employee needs his/her own fax number, he/she needs your company's AirComUSA© URL and the appropriate code. He/she can then register for the company fax numbers by completing the form.

Enter in your information.

At a minimum, you will need to enter the first and last names, the desired email address-twice (the second time to guarantee that we have exactly the right address), business phone number, facility and department. Depending on your needs or preferences, we can configure this page to include other fields.

After clicking company fax numbers , your browser confirms that you have registered for company fax numbers with a window similar to figure 18 (below).

Company Fax Numbers

Figure 18: Confirmation page when registering for company fax numbers