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Demo Account:
ArrowCan I send a fax from my free trial?

Sending faxes using a free trial is currently not an option. If you wish to learn more about sending faxes, contact AirComUSA and we will explain the email to fax process to you. You may also send a test fax.

ArrowHow do I convert my demo account into a paying account?

To convert your account into a paying account you simply need to give AirComUSA a call at 888.530.9100. We will get your information and be able to convert your account immediately.

ArrowWhat is the length of the free trial?

The length of the free trial is 30 days or 30 minutes of fax connection time.

ArrowDoes the free trial convert to a paid service automatically?

No, AirComUSA will never automatically start charging you. Our free trial is exactly that, Free. We do not get your credit card information for this purpose. When your demo is over AirComUSA will either send you an email or contact you directly to ensure that you had a good experience with our service and see if you would like to continue to use it.

ArrowWill I get the same fax number when my demo is converted to an actual account?

Yes, AirComUSA understands how frustrating it is to have to switch fax numbers. When your demo account is converted to paying account. We will make sure you will keep your existing fax number.