Send A Fax With Hotmail

Sending a fax can be done in three easy steps.

  • 1) Make sure you are sending the email from the email address you have provided to AirComUSA. Send the email to the address AirComUSA has provided for you.
    (see paragraph below: instructional email).
  • 2) Put the ten digit fax number into the body of the email. Make sure there is nothing else in the body of the email. No punctuation or leading "1" is necessary in the fax number.
  • 3) Attach an appropriate file that you wish to fax and push "send".

We accept the following file types:

  • .doc and .docx(Microsoft Word Documents)
  • .tif and .tiff (Tagged Image File)
  • .txt and .text (Plain text)
  • .prn and .ps (PostScript)
  • .pdf (Adobe PDF)
  • * .html and .htm
  • * .rtf (Rich Text Format)
  • * .jpg and .jpeg
  • .xls and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Document)
  • .fdx (Winfax)
  • .snp

* File types are accepted but may not appear exactly as seen in the original document.

In order to send faxes you need to have a paying account, not a trial account. We must enable the outbound capability on your account separately from your initial account activation. There is no additional cost. Please notify AirComUSA if you would like to activate this feature. Once outbound faxing is enabled, you will receive an instructional email with details on how to send faxes. If you have not received this email or are unsure if outbound is enabled on your account, please contact us. If you have lost the instructional email, we can easily resend it to you. To contact us click here.