Send A Fax With Yahoo Mail

Sending a fax from your free Yahoo email accout or any other email service is easy. All you must do is send an email to the email address provided when you register for a full AirComUSA account. First, Enter the ten digit fax number you wish the fax to go to in the body of the email. Next, Attach the documents you wish to send as a fax. Then, Send the email, and a fax confirmation email will be sent back to your email account shortly.

To send an email using Yahoo click on the 'Compose' button under 'Mail'.
Send email yahoo

This will bring you to a new message page with a blank email form. Please fill out the form with the following information.

yahoo faxing free

In the To: field please put the email address that was given to you when you registered for an AirComUSA fax account.
The Cc: field is optional. You do not need to put any information here most of the time.
The Bcc: field is also optional. You do not need to put any information here most of the time.
The Subject: field is also optional, but please enter in a relavent name for the fax you are sending. For example if I was sending a test I would put a subject of Test 1. If I was sending information about my account I would enter in the subject of Account Information.

To include a document as an attachment to the email click on 'Attach Files'.

free fax yahoo attachment

Click the browse button, to open the choose file window.
browse yahoo attachment

Navigate to the file you wish to send as a fax, click it once to highlight it, and then click open.

free email fax

We accept -

  • .tif and .tiff - Tagged Image File
  • .txt and .text - Plain Text
  • .prn and .ps - PostScript
  • .pdf - Adobe PDF
  • * .doc - Microsoft Word
  • * .html and .htm - HTML Document
  • * .rtf - Rich Text Format
  • * .jpg and .jpeg - Bitmap Image

* File types are accepted but, might not look the same as a fax.

yahoo email fax

Click 'Attach Files'. When it takes you back to the new email message form please make sure that the file you attached is listed under the subject line. Click the send button, and in a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email that your fax was sent.