Fax From Computer

Using your email to fax:

It has never been easier to fax from a computer than it is today with AirComUSA. AirComUSA allows its subscribers to utilize their existing email address to facilitate the sending and receiving of faxes, thereby allowing them to fax from a computer rather than using a fax machine.

AirComUSA will provide you with your own unique fax number, for as little as $8.95 per month. The number can be a local number or a toll-free number. When faxes are sent to your number, instead of receiving them at a fax machine, the document is received as an attachment to an email. The attachment is in PDF or TIF format, easily opened and viewed on the user's computer.

How to send a fax from your email:

Sending a fax from computer is as simple as sending an email. Simply attach a document that you wish to fax from the computer. In the body of the email you add the 10 digits of the fax number you are faxing to. Send that email to the special email address we give you, and that document will be processed by AirComUSA. AirComUSA will dial out and deliver the documents to the fax machine at the number you specified. The recipient has no idea that it was a fax from a computer.

There are many reasons to send and receive fax from a computer. The main reasons are associated with saving money and saving time. Our subscribers save considerable amounts of money using AirComUSA because they are able to cut expenses associated with faxing: fax machine purchase and maintenance, fax toner, paper, dedicated fax line costs. Time is saved because faxing can now be done without leaving the computer, trying to chase down a missing fax or check to see if the fax you sent went through. Start saving time and money for yourself by setting up a AirComUSA account today!