Fax From Email Service

Fax From Email Account:

AirComUSA's fax from email service lets you send fax from email. When you sign up for a permanent account AirComUSA can enable you to send a Fax from Email. The process of sending a fax from your email is as simple as sending an email with an attachment. Sending a fax from email can be done in three simple steps.

  • 1) Notify AirComUSA that you want to start sending fax from email. We will then give you the email address that you will use to send faxes. Put this address in the "to:" portion of your new email message.

  • 2) Put the ten digit fax number that you are faxing to in the body of the email. Make sure there is nothing else in the body of the email. Such as a footer or signature line

  • 3) Attach an appropriate file that you wish to fax and push send.

Fax From Email Confirmation:

Once you have sent your fax from email, AirComUSA will send you two emails in return. The first email lets you know that we received your fax and that it has been queued for delivery. The second email you will receive tells you that your fax was successfully sent out. This email also tells you how long it took for each page to go through, how many attempts it took to connect to the fax machine and if the fax had any problems. When you send a fax from email with AirComUSA you know within a few minutes if your fax was successful.

Other fax to email service providers make sending a fax from email complicated. Making you download and learn new software. AirComUSA keeps the process of fax from email simple and easy to use.