Fax Internet Services

It is fast becoming the norm for businesses and individuals to use fax internet services to fulfill their faxing needs. Outsourcing to fax internet service providers saves time, money and headaches over traditional fax machines and expensive fax server solutions. Send and receive all of your faxes reliably using only your current email account.

AirComUSA has been a leading fax internet services provider for over 15 years. We provide the highest levels of reliability and customer support.

Send Faxes: Sending faxes is as easy as sending email. Address the email to your AirComUSA email address, attach the file(s) you wish to fax, include the fax number(s) of the recipients. Hit "send." The fax is gone, you receive 2 confirmations via email.

Receive Faxes: Also as simple as email. All faxes sent to your fax number are converted and routed to your email inbox as attached .PDF or .TIF files. You save what you need, delete the junk, forward as an email, print what is necessary. You have control!

Benefits of fax internet services:

Cost Savings: Eliminate the fax machine. No costs for maintenance. No dedicated fax line. No toner. No paper.

Time Savings: Time is Money! Eliminate all trips to the fax machine. Send and receive all faxes from the computer, without ever leaving your desk

Convenience: With fax internet services you can both send and receive faxes from literally anywhere in the world. Whether you are at work, home or on the beach, faxing is as easy as email.

Reliability: Virtually no downtime. Send and receive faxes with confidence.

Set up a full Send/Receive account today, or try our free 30-day Fax Receive trial account. Either way, you'll soon see why people are ranting about our fax internet services.