Fax Online

Alternative to the fax machine:

Are you seeking a way to fax online? Many companies and individuals are looking for alternatives to using a traditional fax machine in their offices and homes. The clear alternative is to fax online. AirComUSA has been a leading provider of online fax services for over 15 years. AirComUSA allows users to both send and receive their faxes without using a fax machine at all.

Faxing online - Send and Receive faxes:

To fax online, simply start a new email, designate the fax number that you want the fax to be sent to, attach the file you want to fax and send the email. The AirComUSA system will then convert the attached file into a fax and send to the desired fax number. The confirmation is then sent to you as an email, so you never have to get up to go to the fax machine.

To receive an online fax, you simply need a basic AirComUSA online fax account. We will assign you a fax number, either a toll-free number or a local toll number. When people send a fax to your number, instead of coming to a fax machine and being printed, the fax is routed through the system at AirComUSA, and it is sent to your email inbox as a new email with an attachment. The attachment is now a digital file, either a .tif file or a .pdf file. You then open the file (your computer's default viewer will display the file, there is no special software needed) and print, archive or delete the file at your leisure.

It is simple to fax online, and you can get started today. Click here to try it free for 30 days, or get started today with a full-service account by clicking here.