Fax Transmission Service

AirComUSA helps Send a fax to Email:

AirComUSA is a leading fax transmission service. AirComUSA allows you to send and receive all of your faxes through your own email address. It is an easy alternative to an outdated fax machine. Fax transmission service number has changed and evolved throughout the last few years.

Throw away your fax machine:

With AirComUSA you can get rid of your old fax machine, all you need is sitting right in front of you. There is no software to download or anything to install. All you need is a current email address. It does not matter what email address you use, hotmail, yahoo, gmail and any other is fine. When you sign up for AirComUSA we provide you with a fax number. You can then receive all of your faxes to your email address. When someone sends a fax to the fax number we provide for you, our automated fax transmission service receives your fax and turn it into a .tiff or .pdf attachment and sends it to your email address.

Fax transmission service provided by AirComUSA is a cost effective way to send and receive your faxes. There is no need to spend money on costly toner cartridges. AirComUSA will also eliminate paper cost and usage. When you are receiving your faxes in your email there is no need to be wasting your time sitting by the fax machine. There is not the worry that your faxes will be seen by anyone else in the office. Your faxes are securely sent to your personal email address.