AirComUSA - How It Works

AirComUSA provides inbound and outbound faxing services for businesses and individuals that want to better manage their faxing needs and lower the cost of doing so.

Receiving faxes to your email.

When you sign up with AirComUSA we provide you with a fax number (toll, or toll-free). When someone sends a fax to that fax number our system will take that fax and turn it into an email attachment and send it to your email address(es).

Sending faxes through your email to a fax machine.

In order to send faxes you need to have a paying account. Once you have a paying account please notify AirComUSA that you would like to activate the outbound feature. We will then send you instructions on how to send outbound faxes through your email.

Sending a fax from your email can be done in three easy steps.

  • 1) When sending an outbound fax make sure you are sending the email from the email address you have provided to AirComUSA and to the email address AirComUSA has provided to you.
  • 2) Put the ten digit fax number into the body of the email. Make sure there is nothing else in the body of the email. No punctuation or leading "1".
  • 3) Attach an appropriate file that you wish to fax and push "send".

After you send your email to AirComUSA you will receive two email confirmations back. These emails will insure that you know your fax was delivered or not.