How To Use A Fax Machine

Purpose of a fax machine:

The primary function of a fax machine is to send a facsimile (copy) of a document (printed material, graphics and/or photographs) over a telephone line from one business to another. The process has grown exponentially in the last 40 years. For example, it has been estimated that that the use of fax machines grew from 300 thousand to over 4 million during the 1980's

Modern fax machines are relatively easy to use, compared to the large-cumbersome machines used before the 1980's. New fax machines are light and take up less office space. In most instances a new fax machine just has to be plugged into a power outlet and a phone jack and then turned on. Make sure the appropriate standard
(8 ½ x 11 in.) and/or legal (8 ½ x 14 in.) paper is loaded into the tray(s) of the fax machine.

Proper document preparation should be your first priority in sending a trouble free fax.

Each fax should contain a cover page which contains the following information.

How to use a fax machine service

  • To: The name of the person and/or business you are sending the fax to.
  • Receivers Fax No. The fax number you are sending to.
  • Receivers Phone No. The phone number of the person and/or business.
  • From: Your name and/or business.
  • Senders Phone No. Your phone number.
  • Comments: Information to help direct the fax to the right person or department.
  • Number Of Pages: Total number of pages, including cover page.

Many faxed documents have different levels of imperfections upon arrival. These imperfections may include tiny specks, blurriness or bad contrast. In order to minimize these problems, here are a few suggestions. If possible, your documents should be the originals. Make sure your documents are clean and clear. Your fax machine should be kept clean and clear of obstructions.

Gather the body of your document(s) and place the cover page on top. Place all documents in the sending tray of your fax machine.

Dial the fax number, including the area code, into the fax machine. Press the send button. Wait a few minutes for the fax machine to send the fax. The fax machine will give you a message when the fax is complete. It's that easy.

Even with the many imperfections seen in faxes received and are generally tolerated in modern business, fax technology continues to advance. And as this technology increases, faxing will improve and become easier and more efficient for all businesses. This will ultimately benefit us all.