Internet Fax Service

Using AircomUSA for your fax service:

AirComUSA is a leading Internet Fax Service provider. Many individuals and businesses are utilizing internet fax service as a cost-saving alternative to faxing with a traditional fax machine. Internet fax service allows users to both send and receive faxes from the convenience and security of their personal computer.

Web fax service enables users to remove the traditional fax machine from the equation. Incoming faxes are received as attachments to emails in users' inboxes, and are also sent out from users' email accounts as attachments. Utilizing AirComUSA internet fax service has myriad advantages. One significant advantage is cost savings. Internet fax service essentially eliminates the cost of owning and operating a fax machine, from the cost of the phone line, to the cost of purchasing and maintaining a machine, to purchasing expensive toners and special paper types.

An Internet fax number will also dramatically increase efficiency and productivity of a company's operations. People no longer have to take trips to the fax machine to send faxes, pick up sent confirmations, look for received faxes, or search all over the office for "missing" faxes. Sent confirmations and received notifications all come through email, so there is no reason to leave the PC.


With internet fax service security and privacy are also increased. Faxes no longer sit at the fax machine for the whole office to view. They are now emails, only to be opened and viewed by the recipient at his/her discretion. Faxes can also be encrypted and meet other standards for security.

At AirComUSA our customer support is unprecedented. We offer a free 30 day trial of our service for anyone who wants to see how it works for them. CLICK HERE for a free trial. CLICK HERE to get started with a full service account. It's fast, easy, and it'll save you money.