Online Fax Number

Getting your online fax number:

With AirComUSA you can get your own unique online fax number for as little as $8.95 per month! You can use your online fax number to receive faxes in your email inbox and also to send faxes using your email. Millions are using this method of sending and receiving faxes to save money and time. There are many benefits that come with utilizing an online fax number:

It's easy to use -> It's paperless
It's portable -> You'll save lots of money
It saves time -> It's efficient
It's green -> It's electronic
It's fast -> You can't junk your fax machine!

Receiving faxes to your fax number:

When you receive a fax with your online fax number it will land in your email inbox as a message with an attached TIF or PDF document. The document is easily opened to view and can be printed, saved, forwarded, can do whatever you want with it.

You send a fax using your online fax number by attaching your document(s) to an outbound email. The AirComUSA system receives your document, converts it to a fax and dials out and delivers the fax to the intended fax machine. It's like magic! You even get back two emails telling you what happened and that delivery was successful.

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