"I just wanted to let you know how valuable AirComUSA's fax service has been to me during the last 3 years. Designing and building data centers requires fast turnaround of documents and information. The ability to send and receive faxes at any time and from any location has allowed me to be more responsive to my customers, contractors, and internal support staff of engineers and project managers. Your product is very easy to use, and I have not had one problem since signing on to the service. I have, and will continue to recommend AirComUSA to anyone that values a service that helps them manage workload and make them more productive.
Thanks again!"

-Jerome Opsahl
Wisconsin District Manager
Technical Facility Services

"We have been with AirComUSA for approximately 2 years and have nothing but excellent words to say about your service. I would like to take a moment to send you a note to recognize a mammoth effort made by one of your associates, David. Today, we were in a very precarious situation that entailed having to change our communications that are handled via your service. We were quite upset with a situation from a local phone carrier that caused the problem. I contacted your office and needless to say, David understood our situation, and more importantly, solved it in no time flat. Our hats are off for the effort and solution provided us by David and AirComUSA. Thank you for the immediate attention given to our request. We are with you all to stay.
Thank you,"

-Noel Molina

"I began with AirComUSA last year after a battle with another competitor with awful customer service and frustrating attempts to complete a simple fax. The first positive thing that happened with AirComUSA was that I spoke with a real person on the phone from the USA. After that, it was all good. In fact, after my deployment to the aftermath of hurricane Wilma in south Florida doing insurance claims, the need for an online fax service was noticed right off the bat. I was able to give the insured my toll free number for documents needed for their claim. Then, in the middle of a ton of information being reviewed, I called AirComUSA's customer service for some help on getting my incoming faxes the ability to rotate because some of them were coming in upside down. I told the customer service representative that I had to put them together in a PDF format and it was sometimes a problem getting them to rotate properly. That's when a miracle happened. Your customer service agent asked if I would prefer my faxes to come as PDF documents. Unbelievable! It was awesome. All I had to do at that point was to position them in the upload to the insurance company. You would not believe how much time was saved with that and how many lives were positively affected by the ease this simple procedure presented. AirComUSA was indirectly involved with a lot of people getting their property and their lives back on track again. I have used your fax service for many other uses, personal and business, and the cost is so minimal that I will hardly ever need the use for a real fax machine again. Thanks! You guys are almost #1: #1 - Dallas Cowboys, #2 - AirComUSA!"

-Dan W.

"You guys are great! Thank you so much, I will be referring everybody I know to you, thanks again for your help!"

-Jeff N.

"Thanks so much! You guys make life so easy."

-Chris StoresOnline

"I came in this morning and had my first fax from the 888 number. It was fantastic just to print them out and SAVE them to my documents. I can see where this is really going to be a great thing."


"We love our relationship with AirComUSA. The savings in time and money have been significant for our company, and their service is impeccable. AirComUSA has been a Godsend!"

-Matt Smith

"I love my AirComUSA fax number! It is so much better than using the regular fax machine. The quality of faxes is better, it's private, it's portable. It's my own personal fax number. I love that it is portable, so I can receive my faxes when I'm away from the office or at home, and that I get my faxes at 2 different email accounts. AirComUSA has great prices and excellent services. Thanks, AirComUSA!"

-Lance Peterson Integra Telecom

"Your service is the greatest, we have nothing but good things to say about this new way of handling faxes. Thank you."

-Thom Wilson Rosebud Marketing Group

I am very happy with the service. It works even better than I had hoped it would. And on top of that the customer support backing it up is just great. Just a phone call and an immediate and practical answer is there. This without having to go through a time consuming automated switchboard or any red tape. I have already recommended your services to others.

-Maarten Melchior