Faxing Service Overview

Receiving Faxes

  • Fax to Email

When you sign up with AirComUSA fax service we provide you with a fax number (toll, or toll-free). When anyone sends a fax to your AirComUSA fax number our system will take that fax and convert it into an email attachment and send it to your email address(es).

  • Easily Sort Through Junk Faxes

AirComUSA's fax services are for people that are tired of wasting paper and time with junk faxes. By receiving your faxes in your email account you can quickly sort through and delete junk faxes without using up your time, paper, or printing supplies.

  • Never get a busy signal

With AirComUSA's fax service anyone that sends a fax to your AirComUSA fax number will never receive a busy signal.

  • Toll-Free or Toll Fax Number

AirComUSA will provide you with a toll or toll-free fax number at the same price.

  • Receive Faxes in PDF or TIF

Your faxes can be sent to you in a TIF or PDF file format. The TIF format can easily be viewed with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (Windows XP), Windows Photo Gallery (Windows Vista), or Preview (Mac OS). The PDF format can easily be viewed with Adobe Reader, or Adobe Acrobat.

  • Local Fax Numbers Available

Here is a list of local numbers that AirComUSA currently provides to our customers. Local Area Codes

  • Receive Multiple Faxes at the Same Time

With AirComUSA's fax service you never have to worry about a customer getting a busy signal. Our system allows us to receive multiple faxes simultaneously without any problems or issues of a conventional fax machine.

  • Receive Faxes in Multiple Email Accounts

With AirComUSA you may receive your faxes in up to 5 email addresses of your choice. This can eliminate the need for a fax machine in a small company and can help you to easily make backup copies of your faxes

Sending Faxes

  • Email to Fax

With a full AirComUSA account you can send faxes using your email. It is as easy as sending an email with an attachment. For more information on how to send a fax through your email please visit our FAQ page.

  • Fax Delivery Receipt in Email

Whenever you send a fax with AirComUSA, we send you confirmation of your fax. You will receive two confirmation emails from AirComUSA. The first email will let you know that we have received your email and the second email we send to you will let you know what happened when we sent out your fax. We do this so that you know that your fax was sent and delivered every time.

  • Send Multiple Documents in One Fax

When you send a fax with AirComUSA you may attach as many documents as you need to. The documents that you attach will be sent out in the order that they are attached.

  • Fax Broadcasting

AirComUSA's fax broadcasting service is an automated process of distributing fax information to specific groups of fax numbers. The fax broadcasting service is often used for invitational, advertising, or marketing purposes. The greatest benefit of this invaluable service is an inexpensive method of being in contact with your company's leading prospects.

Other Features

  • No Required Contract to Sign

We at AirComUSA know how annoying signing contracts can be. There is no long term contract to sign and no cost to upgrade or downgrade your account.

  • Toll-Free Phone Support

AirComUSA does not charge you for customer support. We are happy to help you in anyway possible with your faxing needs.
Please give us a call at (888) 530-9100 or send us an email to [email protected].