AirComUSA - Go Green

Minimize Paper Needs

  • 210 billion sheets of paper are consumed by faxing in US companies every year alone.
  • 95% of typical office workers paper will be thrown away.

Save Energy

  • EnergyStar; a joint program of the US Environmental Protection Agency states that the average fax machine consumes the most energy of any office equipment.
  • Most fax machines are left on 24/7

Conserve Natural Resources

  • One ton (40 cases) of office paper not used saves 24 trees, 380 gal of oil, 7,000 gal of water, and 4,100 KW hrs of electricity.
  • That's enough energy to power the average home for nearly 6 months and enough oil to make 252 gallons of automobile gasoline.

Prevent Deforestation

  • 17 Million trees are cut down every year in order to supply fax paper for the US as a whole.
  • That's 4 trees for the average US company cut down in order to meet their faxing needs.

Cleaner Landfills

  • Paper takes up 26% of landfills. Landfills are the single largest source of methane releases in the US.
  • With paper contributing to over a quarter of greenhouse gases released by landfills you can see the positive effect reducing paper usage and deforestation would have on our atmosphere.

Healthier Planet

  • Deforestation is the source of 25% of human caused greenhouse gas emissions.
  • A single tree can absorb 60 lbs of greenhouse gases annually.