Send Fax By Email

Why use electronic fax?

Many companies today are interested in sending faxes by email. It's a very simple process that cuts down on multiple expenses and time. It's also a very convenient way to get your information where you need it when you need it. How often do you find yourself on a business trip and away from your fax machine? Or a family vacation and something sudden comes up and you can't receive or send a fax because from your location? To send faxes by email eliminates these problems. If you have an internet connection, you can send a fax anytime, anywhere.

Aircom makes it easy:

AirCom makes it easy to send fax by email. No software is needed, just open your email and create a new mail message. In the "To:" field of your email put the email address that AirCom provides for you. This address will send your documents to our system, which will then forward on your faxes to the fax numbers you specify. The subject field can have anything in there that will help you remember what fax it is you are sending. Then attach your document to the email. This can be done by dragging the document into the email or by clicking on "Attach." which will then open up a browse window. Select your document from there and click on "Attach." Lastly, in the text field of the email or the body of the email type in the fax number(s), putting one fax number per line. Once you have followed these steps and have made sure that only the fax number(s) are in the email then click "Send" and the document will be sent to each number. It's as simple as that. To send fax by email is as easy as sending an email to a friend or colleague.