Change Opens with -- Windows 7

File Type Explanation

Every file type has a program assigned to it for opening and viewing.

Sometimes when you install or launch new programs, certain file types will be reassigned to be opened with this new program. This usually happens during the setup process.

When viewing faxes as a .tif file, the default program that Windows 7 has assigned is called "Windows Photo Viewer". If your faxes are not opening with this program, you may want to change the "opens with" program back to the default. Below are brief instructions on how to do so:


Click "Start" Click the Start button
Click "Control Panel" Go to Settings
Click "Programs" Click on Control Panel
Click on "Make a file type always open in a specific program"
Open Folder Options

In the Set Association window scroll down until you see the .tif file extension.
File Types
Scroll down to and highlight TIF
If the "Opens With:" program is something other than "Windows Photo Viewer", click on "Change program"
Open With
Select ""Windows Photo Viewer""
Click "OK"
The "Change program" window will close. Click on "Close"


You have just told your computer to open all .tif files using the default image viewer on Windows Seven. You should now be able to view your faxes easily, by double clicking on their icon.

Learn more about Windows Photo Viewer.