Fax To Email Service


Fax to email service with AirCom is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses and individuals who are looking for a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional faxing. Fax to email provider AirCom allows the receiver of a fax to eliminate the fax machine and receive the fax in their email inbox as an attached file.

This service has many advantages. Among them is increased security and privacy. Received faxes are no longer sitting in the open for all to see. Faxes are now privately in an email inbox, only to be opened by the user. Another significant advantage is cost savings. Fax to email service cuts down on or completely eliminates costly fax machines, paper, toner and costs for separate fax lines. Faxes are only printed if the end user wants them printed. Say good bye to waste that is caused by junk faxes!

Because faxes in the fax to email process are received as digital files (usually in .tif or .pdf formats) faxes are easily saved and easily forwarded to others via email. Fax to email also increases efficiency in terms of time, with no trips to the fax machine, or to track down a "missing" fax. Notifications of received faxes come as new messages in the inbox, so notification is instantaneous!

No software required:

AirCom fax service does not require any special software downloads. With a PC and an internet connection you already have all the tools you need to fax over the internet. To try it for 30 days, CLICK HERE. AirCom will give you a free account to let you try fax to email. To sign up for a regular account, CLICK HERE.