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I understand and covenant,, and agree to the following terms and conditions:

I. By indicating that I elect to participate in the use of Enhanced Telecommunications Service (hereinafter Service) provided by AirCom, LLC. (hereinafter Company), I apply for and subscribe to said service on a month to month basis. I understand that the following two (2) fees (which are subject to change) will be/have been assessed in connection with my subscription to the service.

1) Monthly Service Fee

2) System Time Cost, based upon the service minutes desired (fee is calculated on the basis of prevailing charge per minute of use, purchased in hourly increments)

II. This month-to-month service contract is automatically renewed upon receipt of payment or auto debit of authorized credit card. Payment is due by the first day of the each service month, and said payment is considered late after the fifth day of each month. A late fee of five dollars will be assessed for payment after the fifth. Service will be temporarily discontinued if payment has not been received by the fifteenth day of the service month. Reactivation of accounts requires a seven dollar fee for administrative data processing. System time may be purchased using authorized credit cards on file during calls to the system, through auto debit, or with mailed in Cashiers Check or Money Order.

III. I acknowledge that there are only two (2) methods of payment for the service fee and the system time costs:

1) Automatic credit card debit to my account (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express)

2) The Company's receipt of my cashier's check or money order.

IV. By selecting the "automatic credit card debit" option, I hereby agree to maintain sufficient funds or credit in my account(s) to cover any credit card charges and to be responsible for, and to timely pay the Company, all amounts due hereunder which accrue from my use of the Company's Service, and hereby authorize and request the Company to effect payment for such amounts as they become due by initiation and transmitting charges and debit entries to my designated accounts(s) at the financial institution named above (hereinafter Bank), and do hereby authorize and request said Bank to accept and post said entries as transmitted by the Company. I further request the Company and the Bank to debit the amounts owed to my account without responsibility for the correctness thereof. I agree to accept the debit entries so transmitted. If not timely paid, I agree that my access to the service may be frozen or my subscription terminated.

V. I hereby authorize and request the Company and my bank to establish an automatic credit card debit arrangement to pay for my subscription to the Company's Service in the amounts I have authorized.

VI. The Company or I may terminate this Agreement by written notice to the other. Any such notification by the Company to me shall be effective upon deposit in the mail, and by me to the Company upon receipt. Said notice shall serve as termination only as to those debit entries or charges transmitted by the Company after receipt of such notification and reasonable opportunity by it to act thereon. I will no longer be entitled to access the service.

VII. I understand that use of the service is subject to the Agreement, Terms and Conditions, and the instructions given for the service.

VIII. The Company may draw or transmit funds to its own order to pay for my subscription to the service or prevent my account from accruing a negative time balance as I consent. If my consent is not given, I understand that my account will be frozen until a positive time balance is obtained.

IX. In the event a check is returned upon presentment or a charge is denied upon transmittal by the Company for any reason, or if payment is stopped, the Company may immediately freeze or cancel my subscription to the service and may refuse my application for renewal of the subscription until full payment is received by the Company and in its own discretion. I have read, understand, and agree to comply with and be bound by the Terms and Conditions, the receipt of which I hereby acknowledge, and which terms and conditions are incorporated herein by reference. I also understand and agree that the terms, rates, costs, and fees are subject to change upon 15 days written notice to me.

X. I shall indemnify and hold the Company harmless from any and all damages and liability which may arise from its transmittal and presentment of a charge to my account(s) for its reasonable inability to timely or adequately honor my subscription to the Company's service.

XI. I shall indemnify and hold the Company harmless from any and all damages to me and/or my personal business which may arise from malfunction of electronic equipment or act of God.

XII. Company agrees to use best efforts to adequately honor and supply quality service but make no warrantee as to timeliness of service delivery.

XIII. I agree to comply with the law and will not use Company's system for illegal purposes. I shall indemnify the Company for any cause of action which may be caused from my misuse of the Company's service.

XIV. Company's liability to customer in any event is limited to a refund of applicable service fees.