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Security  Can AirCom improve my company's security?

AirCom takes security very seriously. Easy to say and talk about, but the proof is "in the pudding". In the 15 years AirCom has been in business we have never experienced a security breach of any kind. Amazing? We don't think so. We have created our system from the ground up with security and stability at the forefront of our mission. Nobody comes behind our firewalls. Period.

We have intentionally "lagged behind the pack" when it comes to online options and features. While it would be nice to allow our customers to make changes to their own accounts, it opens up vulnerabilities in our network that we won't tolerate. Not only is our network impenetrable, but we also have world class customer service. Your calls are answered with live agents that can instantly make the necessary changes to your account. It's even faster and easier than doing yourself.

AirCom has the security on our end covered. Now, we want to help your company improve the way it manages sensitive documents. Having documents faxed into a traditional fax machine is a poor way to protect your clients information. It also violates (in most cases) HIPAA, GLBA and many state and Federal Laws governing information security. Identity theft is rampant and a single security breach could damage your business and reputation. Do not take security lightly.

HIPPA  How does AirCom help make my company HIPPA compliant?

The Health Insurance Portablility & Accountability Act (HIPAA) applies to all entities that record, maintain, or transmit personal health information- as well as those who service or support healthcare entities. Heavy fines and penalties for negligence can be assessed against your business. Owners and officers can be held personally liable.

Leaving personal health records on top of a fax machine, where patients or visitors to your facility could easily gain access, is irresponsible. Todays world is far less forgiving than it used to be. There is no excuse for anyone other than the intended recipient to have access to faxed documents. This is one of the hottest issues we are all dealing with. Don.t be the one who drops the ball by taking security lightly.

AirCom helps you meet and exceed all of the regulations regarding how faxed documents are to be managed. Please call for more information regarding this very important issue.