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Sending Faxes:
ArrowHow do I send a fax using my AirComUSA paid account?

How do I send a fax using my AirComUSA paid account? In order to send faxes you need to have a paying account, not a trial account. We must enable the outbound capability on your account separately from your initial account activation. There is no additional cost. Please notify AirComUSA if you would like to activate this feature. Once outbound faxing is enabled, you will receive an instructional email with details on how to send faxes. If you have not received this email or are unsure if outbound is enabled on your account, please contact us. If you have lost the instructional email, we can easily resend it to you. To contact us click here.

Sending a fax can be done in three easy steps.

  • 1) Make sure you are sending the email from the email address you have provided to AirComUSA. Send the email to the address AirComUSA has provided for you
    (see above paragraph: instructional email).
  • 2) Put the ten digit fax number into the body of the email. Make sure there is nothing else in the body of the email. No punctuation or leading "1" is necessary in the fax number.
  • 3) Attach an appropriate file that you wish to fax and push "send".

Note: Anything entered into the subject line is not put into the fax, it is merely for your own records. When you send your fax you will receive two emails back from our server. The first either confirming the receipt and proper queuing of the fax, or an error message alerting you that information is missing, such as the fax number or the attachment. Upon successful delivery you will receive a "Success" email with a report on the fax transmission details.

ArrowWhat email address do I send to?

The email address to send your email to fax requests to will be provided to you after you have registered for a paid account. If you are registered, and have not received this email please contact AirComUSA.

ArrowWhat email address(es) do I send from?

When sending an email to fax request you need to send the request from the email address(es) you have provided to AirComUSA. If you would like to add or change an email address please contact AirComUSA.

ArrowHow do I format the fax numbers in the email?

The fax number(s) should be the only content in the body of the email. Please make sure that there is no other text in the body of the email. No headers, footers etc.

You do not need to put a 1 before the number nor do you need to put parentheses, dashes, or spaces in the number.

If the fax is being sent to more than one fax number, please place each ten digit fax number on its own line.

ArrowHow do I send to multiple fax numbers?

Sending a fax to multiple fax numbers is just as easy as sending a fax to one fax number. Place each ten digit fax number in the body of the email with one fax number per line.



ArrowWhat type of documents can I send as a fax?
  • .doc and .docx(Microsoft Word Documents)
  • .tif and .tiff (Tagged Image File)
  • .txt and .text (Plain text)
  • .prn and .ps (PostScript)
  • .pdf (Adobe PDF)
  • * .html and .htm (HTML Document)
  • * .rtf (Rich Text Format)
  • * .jpg and .jpeg
  • .xls and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Document)
  • .fdx (Winfax)
  • .snp

* File types are accepted but may not appear exactly as seen in the original document.

ArrowWill I receive a confirmation that my faxes have been sent?

Yes, you will receive two confirmation emails. The first email will tell you one of two things one, that we have successfully received your fax and it is queued for delivery or two that there was a problem with the fax and we were not able to send it.

The second conformation report that you will receive will tell you how long it took for us to send your fax and if there were any problems sending your fax.

ArrowWas my fax sent if I did not receive a "Queued" or "Fail" confirmation?

Most of the time if this occurs, you have sent the fax request from an email address that was not given to us as an authorized address, or we have sent you the QUEUED or FAIL and it was simply filtered out in your email account. For security purposes we only accept fax request emails from addresses that you specifically approve with us. If you have sent the email from an unauthorized email address the fax will not be sent.

ArrowWhy am I getting an email response of "No fax numbers found"?

This is a notification that you did not place a fax number in the body of the email, or our system was unable to recognize the fax number. The reasons our system wouldn't recognize fax numbers are:

  • You have placed text in front of the fax number. Fax numbers need to be the first and only thing in the body of the email.
  • You typed fewer than the required ten digits of the fax number. Fax numbers need to be ten digits long, with nothing else before the number.
  • You may need to change your email format to plain text. This is different depending on your email client.

NOTE: Please be sure not to include a signature in your email. Our system will attempt to call any phone or fax number in a signature and deliver a fax, so your phone will be ringing as we try to deliver a fax to that number.

ArrowWhy am I getting an email response of "No valid attachment"?

This is a notification that you did not attach a file type supported by our system or you did not attach anything at all. If you have just changed the extension on the file our system can tell what type of file it really is and will not allow it to go through. If you need to change the file extension, we suggest you open the file in a different program and save it as the desired file type.

ArrowTips and tricks on sending faxes.

For tips and trick on sending faxes using different methods go here.